Six Tips & Tricks for your Trip

Welcome back to Destined to Disney! It's 2018 and I've already been to the parks five times! Needless to say I have a lot to share. Pixar fest is in full affect and all I can say without spoiling it is, it's SOOO cute. I personally am not a huge Pixar fan, but for those that are this is great. We'll save the details on that for another post. For this post I want to share some Disney basics for the first timers!

Let's get into it!

1. Download the Disneyland App. THIS IS A MUST. I REPEAT THIS IS A MUST. This app will be your tool to success while you are in the parks. The blue image you see is what the icon will look like in your app store. With this tool you are able to do a lot. * Purchase Tickets * View Park Opening and Closing Times * Make Dining Reservations * View Park Maps * View Wait Times for Attractions * Find Where Characters are Doing Meet and Greets and much much more! It's a free and anything that's free for Disney is just right for me!
2. R…

Festival of Holidays

Hello and welcome back! I've been slacking on the blog and for that I apologize but I'm back with lots of fun stuff to share! The holiday season is in full effect at the Disneyland Resort. This amazing transformation began November 10th and will continue until January 7th! This gives you plenty of time to plan a trip and experience all Christmas magic the happiest place on earth has to offer this year. For this post I will be filling you in on a special event that happens once a year in California Adventure, Festival of Holidays. Festival of Holidays is a huge celebration of foods and drinks that are prepared during the holiday season around the world. Disney gives you a first hand experience with the rich flavors that many know and love. In the park there are 12 marketplaces that you can visit with their own individual themes. Each marketplace offers a few savory, sweet and beverage options.
There is also live musical entertainment right in front of Mickeys Fun Wheel where …

Imagination: The Fantasmic Trip

Hello and welcome back! I'm excited to share some fun things with you! Being a passholder I soon discovered the joy of an unpressured trip to the parks. There is always this unspoken that you HAVE TO try and get EVERYTHING done. This being said I’ve decided to make my trips centered around specific attractions or events. This trip was specifically focused on the new and improved nighttime spectacular, Fantasmic!

Hello and Welcome